Farmers have a higher risk of death than the general Australian population, due to injury, cardiovascular disease, some cancers and suicide. They are also prone to other unique injuries and conditions associated with life and work in agriculture.

A number of research reports  on farmers health and injury prevention relevant to teachers and health workers , are available on this website under the “Projects and  Reports” tab.   The following resources provide practical teaching and learning resources for primary and high school teachers and health professionals.

Teaching and learning resources for teachers

The following resources provide primary and secondary teachers information for teaching farm health and safety in the classroom:

Teaching and learning resources for health workers

The following resources provide information on farm health and injury to:

  • assist health workers in their everyday interactions with farmers
    support the development of local health programs inclusive of farmers health and safety needs

Click on the following resource or page links:

Farm health safety promotion

Health and safety promotion with farmers

These resources are for direct use by farmers and are useful for health workers providing health and injury prevention advice to farmers during client interactions or at promotional events.

1. Child health and safety

2. Preventing Falls in Older farmers – falls prevention self- help tool
3. Managing the Pressures of Farming – stress management self-help tool
4. Rehabilitation of injured farmers – link to resources
5. Farm safety factsheet series

6. Practical guidelines for key farm safety hazards including:

  •  Quad bike guide
  •  Workshop safety
  •  Machinery guarding
  •  Other guidelines – see ‘Resources for Farmers’ section

7. Comprehensive farm OHS management resources

These resources offer all farmers need to know about how to implement a robust OHS program on farm, in order to meet state legislated OHS regulations.  These include:

  • WHS policy and plan, commodity specific hazard checklists, induction templates and training registers that can be modified to suit individual farms
  • A set of supporting resources on a range of farm safety topics (eg. quad bikes)
  • These can be downloaded free from ‘Resources for Farmers’ webpage.